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AAA Music | 25 May 2022

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Mama’s Gun @ Jazz Cafe

| On 30, May 2010

London, May 18th

Tonight I’m at the Jazz Cafe in Camden Town to see Mama’s Gun, and I have to say, it was the most fun I have had at a gig in a long time!

Mama’s Gun
gun are a five piece band made up of singer/gutarist Andy Platts who is one of the most energetic and engaging front men i have seen in a long time, bassist Rex Horan other wise known as the ‘Professor’ who can pull some seriously funky dance moves, an amazing mustache and also has the deepest singing voice i’ve ever heard. Next up is Dave ‘Eighties’ Oliver looking like he has just walked of the set of ‘The Wedding Singer’ plays the keyboards with so much heart and passion its hard not to keep your attention on him, even though Andy and the “Professor’ both have amazing stage presence. Then we have lead guitarist Terry Lewis and drummer Jack Pollitt who look like quieter pair of the band, but certainly know how to bring the funk.

Having recently released their debut album Routes to Riches the band have been touring round Europe and are returning to the Jazz Cafe after selling out the venue in February. They are the whole package, with songs to suit every mood and emotion, the have got soul, funk, pop, rock and motown and do each of these styes exceptionally well.

The crowd loved every minute of the gig, dancing and singing along with singer Andy Platts, who at one point in the gig jumped into the crowd and got audience members to sing, which can sometimes be quite risky but i have to say each person who was lucky enough to get chosen had a really good singing voice and could have been up on stage with the band of the whole gig. The band have amazing energy levels and really know how to keep the momentum and energy of the gig flowing. When it is time for the band to walk of the stage, the audience cant believe it and are screaming for more, and they don’t disappoint coming back to play three more tracks.

If your looking for a really fun night night out and want to dance and sing your heart out i highly recommend seeing mama’s gun next time they are in town!

Photo: Malcolm Walker – Arnott