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AAA Music | 25 May 2022

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| On 30, May 2010

Teenagers in Tokyo album Sacrifice kicks off with 3046 – organ intro, followed by drums and synths. Then the ethereal voice of Samantha Lim starts to bright up what it was a dark, decadent, new wave scene. The instrumental composition is perfect.

Robocat opening guitars are as sharp as razors, reminding me of The Jesus & Mary Chain, then it goes dance with the addiction of synths and an accelerated rhythm.

The tracks seem to be thought for parties, as they would all suit a drink while enjoying this blessing sun. Take As We Are: perfect beat, I love the synths use and the drums in this track, plus vocals are divine.

Long Walk Home is marked by the influence of Joy Division for the use of the synths, although the starting line reminded me of Just Like Heaven from The Cure.

New single Peter Pan is more of an 80s dance, glittery and sparkling tuneVocals, guitar and bass are sharp and perfectly blended with each other – a perfect dancefloor hit.

The album is full of 80s influences, from The Jesus & Mary Chain to Joy Division to Siouxie & The Banshees to Cocteau Twins with a twist to electro. At times those great influences are too obvious and perhaps they should have risked a bit more. This said, it is a great debut.

Author: Alessia