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AAA Music | 1 July 2022

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I am ghost @ underworld | AAA Music

| On 02, Jun 2010

[cincopa 10623914]

London, May 20th

Lower the Atlantis tonight are a drab reflection of post hardcore without dated punk spitting through the whole set which is just truly disgusting there is no high point of their set but there is a real low point when they do a dreadful cover version of Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

Confide are a nice change bring a nice brand of hardcore to this evenings show similar to ‘We are the Ocean’ they play through a nice selection of songs and their drummer is a true star singing backing vocals on most of the tracks his voice reminded me of Sonny from ‘From first to Last’ if they put him on lead vocals this would be truly one of the best bands I have heard in a long time but sadly they don’t but still a nice 30 minutes of melodic tunes.

Eyes set to Kill must have the sweatiest singer I have ever seen in my life dripping all over the crowd as he screams into their faces, changes in the line-up has really effected this band and they bring nothing to nights proceedings being rather dull and out of tune, allot of people have come to see them we just wonder why!
I am Ghost produces their first lot of macabre Vampires that launch into their set like an incendiary device going off with their brand of complex guitars and J-Rock style licks they launch through what could only be a greatest hits of songs from ‘Don’t wake Up – Killer lovers Candy’ why this band aren’t bigger than they are is a mystery to me with every song being a complete classic you keep thinking what do they have left to play then they bring out another gem from their back catalogue, they all look so cool in matching shirts and ties I think the Twilight soundtrack is really calling their name and apparently a tour supporting Aiden later in the year which I personally can’t wait for.

Author:Incy Spider

Photos: Luca Viola