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AAA Music | 25 June 2022

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Diagram of the Heart @ Goldsmiths University Student Union | AAA Music

| On 13, Jun 2010

[cincopa 10634854]

London, 10th June

Long stretches of time away from home can be an utter slog when you have a raging headache. Gigs can be even worse with all the loud noise and lights flashing this way and that when you feel like a small child has waded into your skull and is trying to eat its way out. However if the band is as phenomenally good as Diagram of the Heart were it won’t matter at all!

Kicking off with new single “Dead Famous” (Out July 5th), singer Kye Sones immediately commands the stage, a complete natural at what he does. This is slightly incongruous seeing as you could count the number of people present on two hands and a couple of feet but the sad, sad day that looking like a true rock star gets frowned upon is a long way off, thank Christ. It’s pretty true to say that the material played gets a bit samey, a bit like Kasabian’s first record with actual songs rather than slightly stoned jams, but when the songs, powered by Anthony Gorry’s keyboards and Kye’s astonishing voice, sound this good, that’s fine by me.

“Skeletons” is a genuine standout, a coruscating piano line giving way to an enormous melody that shifts Diagram from a pretty good electro band into unsung pop heroes and doesn’t so much hint at the potential the duo have than hit you over the head with it. In short Diagram of the Heart may be the latest in a line of electro pop duos but these guys possess the talent and ambition to be superstars. Most definitely one to watch.

Author: Will Howard

Photos: Will Howard