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AAA Music | 24 May 2022

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Damned Plus Guests @ O2 Academy Oxford

| On 21, Jun 2010

[cincopa 10643621]

Oxford, June 3rd

Texas Terri Bomb is the female equivalent to Iggy pop with full on aggression and a few covers, she might have a rubbish name but she can show you what 70’s punk was all about with full crowd participation, a band that looks like a jumble sale of x-musicians and a full moon at the end.

Ed Tudor Pole is a legend in his own right from singing a few songs with the Sex Pistols, one of which was featured in the bands movie ‘Who killed Bambi’, also one of his finishing numbers in his set. Most people can’t make out what he is doing mixing 70’s punk with country and western and singing songs about plastic moustaches but the ones that have worked out what he is doing which is very cleverly lyric’s songs are loving’ it.

Damned pull off a well polished performance, with loads of songs from their debut album ‘Damned Damned Damned’ and a few new songs of their forthcoming album. Security are also on hand to chuck a few trouble makers that covers the bands silly man Captain Sensible with beer, Sensible un-compromised continues the whole set drenched to the bone, with no faults on his guitar at all, until he comes to play his number 1 hit as an encore on fans demand, the Damned’s new album is one to look forward to and for a band that play so much and have been going so long they don’t seem to have lost any of their appeal or shinning light.

Author: Incy Spider