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AAA Music | 28 January 2022

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Dan Sartain – Doing Anything I Say

| On 08, Jul 2010

So here we are in the sweaty pits of a white picket fence suburban summer, the teens all chewing bubblegum and sighing away the best part of the day waiting to grow up, when out of nowhere comes the no-good kid swaggering in greasy leathers with his dirty music and devilish smirk, and leads everyone astray.

At least, that’s the picture painted by Dan Sartain’s new single ‘Doing Anything I Say’. It is rock ‘n’ roll from clothes to core, distorted guitars buzzsawing into a stomping drum beat as the oddly fuzzed-up bass clicks a lumbering rhythm. It’s very much a Joan Jett derivative via Rebel Without A Cause, but this by no means makes it less enjoyable. This is the kind of music that buys Jack Daniels, smokes, and swears at mom and pop. Because it is cool.

The b-side ‘Bohemian Grove’ shows a little musical diversity, injecting some unhygienic bluesy rock riffing and sneering devil-may-care vocals with a lot more lyrical content, bringing to mind The Stooges’ ‘Gimme Danger’ at its most restrained.

If you’re getting sick of too many love songs insipidly trickling from the airwaves left right and centre, you’ll love this sweaty, dirty two-hit rock ‘n’ roll gem. Dig out the leather jacket and shades, and ride that motorbike like it’s 1955.

Author: Katie H-Halinski