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AAA Music | 20 April 2021

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Mirrorkicks Unveil New Video: Watch It Here!

| On 20, Jul 2010

Mirrorkicks release their fourth single, ‘On TV’; the explosive and brash intro to their recent debut album ‘Mirrorkicks’, which came out on their own label, Fruit Pie Records, in spring. The song shows off yet another side of the eclectic album, having had tastes of crunchy Jane’s Addiction style rock from the first single, ‘Turning up’, gritty energy and dancy indie-pop flavours in the second single, ‘Anything’, and the soaring anthemic vastness of the third single, ‘Podium’.

Here we see Mirrorkicks turn the heat up another notch with raw indie-punk energy, laced with mischief and vibrance.

As with all Mirrorkicks tracks, the band weigh heavily on lyrical content. ‘On TV’ explores the diva in us all, highlighting our tendencies to justifying being over the top, rather than admitting excess is just for the fun of excess. It’s a battle between wanting to stick your tongue out and say what you really think and keeping up appearances and conforming to what is socially acceptable.

The single also marks a new height on the already high bar of exciting and intriguing videos that the band has released with each of their singles. It all began, prior to any official releases, with the sneaking out of the band’s entirely self made video to the album track ‘Lego’, featuring a stop-motion animated adventure of the band in a Lego city!

With each subsequent single release the band have released increasingly inventive and beguiling videos, all of which have been filmed on a limited budget!

The video to ‘On TV’ is yet another labour of love, having taken 10 hours to shoot and over a year to edit that promises to leave you scratching your head in wonder as well discovering something new with every viewing!

The video was filmed by Steve Price in a scout hut in Godalming on bitter cold day in February 2009. Three short sections of the video were filmed about 25 times with the band members repeating the exact same moves on the spot whilst the crew changed/moved something around them. The post production of the video took Steve over a year to edit whilst he was working on other projects with the animation taking the most time. Another 80 hours was spent by the band’s drummer, Ingmar editing the lead singer Anil to all the TV screens that appear in the split screen video.

It’s the unique charisma of the Mirrorkicks’ live on-stage performances that is really captivating. Since the release of the album, the band have been taking their immensely energetic live show around the country, culminating in their supporting of the Magic Numbers at the protest to save BBC 6Music at London’s 229.

This is a homegrown band that has taken the music industry bull by the horns, and through self funding alone, has forged an impressive array of music and videos, showcasing their ingenuity, imagination and love of music.

The single, ‘On TV’, is released on 9th August on Fruit Pie Records

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