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AAA Music | 8 August 2022

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Funeral For A Friend @ Shepherds Bush Empire

| On 02, Aug 2010

[cincopa 10695506]

London, 23rd July

Playing ‘Casually dressed and deep in Conversation’ in its Entirety and saying goodbye to Darren Smith

Young Guns open tonight show probably one of the most hyped bands in the country at the moment and they are very tight and good but nothing new their brand of emo / pop punk is just so average you are left wondering what everyone is going on about, the new album is out but we will just see if these young guns can produce something that is credible.

The Automatic have really have been out of the picture for a few years now and there one hit wonder doesn’t make an appearance tonight and you can feel the tension amongst the crowd that clearly don’t want them there I think it is time they just give up, what’s is over the hill I think it is these bunch of has-beens.

The Blackout are tonight’s special surprise guests and they are fast and furious and bash through a short set of 6 songs and you can feel this is what the crowd have been waiting for to warm the up for Funeral, Sean and Gareth smash their mics around and tear the crowd to shreds and make you wish that there set was longer than the short time they have been given.

The Blackout Setlist

Shut the Fuck Uppercut

Children of the Night


Nice Things



Funeral for a Friend are here tonight to say goodbye to Darren Smith their Axeman that has been there from the start and there is no better way to do it than run through their most popular album to date ‘Casually dressed and deep in Conversation’ in Entirety for the first half for the show and then they run through a selection of their most popular songs for the Encore. You can see why Darren Smith is leaving Funeral have had their best days and seem like a shadow of their past selves which is not helped by the sound problems in the venue tonight, this show seems like a goodbye to not only Darren Smith as a goodbye as well to what Funeral for a Friend were and I think a start of a new direction, but the question is will they live up to expectations and past glories we will just have to wait and see. Goodbye Darren Smith…

Funeral for a Friend – Setlist

Rookie of the Year

Bullet Theory


Bend your arms to look like Wings

Escape artists never Die



She drove me to daytime TV

Red is the New Black

Your Revolution is a Joke

Waking Up




The Art of American Football

Roses for the Dead



You want Romance?

Author & Photos: Incy Spider