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AAA Music | 1 July 2022

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Lucky Soul @ the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

| On 14, Aug 2010

[cincopa 10711416]

London, 10th August

On Tuesday night the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen exuded a feeling of nostalgia with a host of retro revivalists taking to the stage. The evening was dominated by a classic pop vibe with a friendly and upbeat atmosphere somewhat reminiscent of a 60’s dance hall.

The London Six Piece Lucky Soul provided the crowd with a set full of soulful pop combined with a welcome eccentricity, which rhythmically enticed each member of the crowd to join them in dancing to their incongruously lovelorn tunes.  During their performance the small venue was packed full of dedicated fans with whom the band sustained friendly banter.

The highlight of the set was the bands performance of their new single as chosen by fans on their facebook page: Up in Flames. During this performance the band donned various items of ‘flame’ related attire, which included the drummer being dressed as the devil.  

At times the catchy and fast paced, rhythmically enticing intros lost their momentum before the track was over. However, judging from the reaction of the band’s fans that made up the crowd, I may have been unique in this opinion.

Other performances of the night included The School, whose staggering 8 members struggled even to fit on the stage. The band delivered relatively winsome pop tracks, with the performance at times feeling a little awkward and the sound produced somewhat underwhelming considering the size of the band and the variety of instruments on stage.

Lucky Soul provide a unique slant to classic pop, provoking feelings of nostalgia within their listeners whilst also hinting that there is more to the genre than the extravagant and overproduced music that we associate with it in the modern day.

(Their new album A Coming of Age is available now)

Author & Photos: Alice Cuddy