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AAA Music | 7 June 2020

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Daily Archives: 16 August 2010

Blood Red Shoes – Heartsink

16 August 2010 |

Blood Red Shoes new single Heartsink initial riff reminds me of early Ash, with their sharp guitars and angry yet refreshing and “happy” vocals. It is undeniably catchy, with grungy guitar riffs and amazing drums guiding the indie crow … Read More

The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment – The Fluffer

16 August 2010 |

Taking the nickname from a female friend due to the colour of her eyes and his friends calling him a ‘shark’, the ‘experiment’ part of the name refers to the album, from its inception to delivery and BES’s (Blue … Read More

Little Fish – Baffled And Beat

16 August 2010 |

In 2010, if you want to get the attention of the media, please fill your tunes of synthesized beats, or even better, folk off as a psyched-freak, hailing the atmosphere of places where you’ve never been, unless, well… unless … Read More

Mt. Desolation Unveil Album & Tour Details

16 August 2010 |

Those who have visited Dublin will know that sipping Guinness by a fire in a nice old pub while it’s chucking it down outside is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s also, as you can probably imagine, the perfect … Read More

Maps & Atlases ‘Perch Patchwork’ + UK Dates Announced for October

16 August 2010 |

Though their history lies in the sweaty basement shows of Chicago’s rich underground scene, Maps & Atlases’ debut album, ‘Perch Patchwork’ presents a confident, complex take on pop music. Marking FatCat’s 100th album release, ‘Perch Patchwork’ is … Read More

Uncover the puzzle… LONE WOLF at Green Man Festival

16 August 2010 |

In 1979 a picture book called Masquerade was written by a man called Kit Williams. The book held a puzzle to find a treasure buried somewhere in British Isles. At this years Green Man Festival, which takes place in … Read More

Manic Street Preachers Announce free download ‘I’m Leaving You For Solitude’

16 August 2010 |

Following their stunning album launch show at Hammersmith Working Men’s Club earlier this month, Manic Street Preachers have marked the launch of their new album ‘Postcards From A Young Man‘ by making an exclusive new non-album track … Read More

Tweak Bird – Tweak Bird

16 August 2010 |

And so the quest for the name that gives the least clues to musical style continues with Tweak Bird’s self-titled offering. You would be forgiven for assuming that Tweak Bird are another twee indie-folk wittering, but this could not be … Read More

The Smiles And Frowns – The Smiles And Frowns

16 August 2010 |

And now from The Smiles And Frowns’ self-titled debut, we are handed the term sci-fi folk pop. I would say that the sci-fi here is more steampunk than Star Trek for those unsure, but there is no denying the assurance, … Read More

Mark Ronson New Single and NME Cover – Video

16 August 2010 |

Mark Ronson & the Business Intl will be setting bells ringing across the nation this autumn with the release of the second single from the hugely anticipated album, ‘Record Collection’, released September 27th on Columbia.

Featuring … Read More