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AAA Music | 20 January 2022

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Spectrals @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

| On 31, Aug 2010

[cincopa 10735105]

London, 23rd August

The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen is full even if it’s Monday,  with three bands playing. The second one catches my attention. Louis, the singer and the soul of Spectrals, is a red – haired and pretty shy guy. I don’t’ know what I to expect: he’s dressed in a quite normal way, checked shirt and pale trousers, but when he starts to sing I feel sucked in a 60’s whirl. Spectrals belongs to that new movement paying tribute to the 60’s sound, going from surf to the classic pop melodies, passing through motown and doo-wop, like the Drums, to name but one. As a matter of fact Spectral’s name directly comes from Phil Spector and they try to reproduce his famous wall of sound using loads of reverbering both on vocals and guitars, also I can hear an inspiration coming from Echo and the Bunnymen, especially when they use that typical guitar slided sound you can hear in Killing Moon.

Their set is very pleasant, all the songs are about love, the crowd is dancing at the rhythm sometimes of rock’n’roll, sometimes of 70’s dreamy atmosphere, they have definitely conquered me, I can’t stop to wave on the nostalgic notes of  Dip Your Toe In.

Louis’ vocals are gentle and seem to come from the past, his composed attitude is appopriate for a band  referring to 50’s and 60’s, maybe he should go for a haircut,  and it’s endowd of a surprising talent and control of the stage. I appreciate the guitarist’s touch and sounds he have chosen to enrich some phrases.

Spectrals showcased tracks from their forthcoming EP ‘Spectrals Extended Play’, between them I loved Chip A Tooth (Spoil A Smile) and Peppermint, both melancholic, founded on a soft tempo and slided guitars. Birthday kiss is a little jewel and shows the composer’s ability in telling and setting to music a story like only the old great 50’s songwriters could do.

If I could change something, I’d work on drums, that seem the weakest part of  arrangements, as for the rest they are candidate to become an interesting star inside the costellation of revival bands. Keep an eye on them.

Louis Jones, the musician behind Spectrals is due to release his debut EP through Moshi Moshi Records on October 10th; entitled ‘Spectrals Extended Play’, the EP is a collection of new and previously unreleased songs.

Author:Roberta Capuano

Photos: Alessia Matteoli