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AAA Music | 15 August 2022

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| On 22, Sep 2010

The Brooklyn-based project, J.VIEWZ is concluding the summer in a VHS fashion; “Salty Air” – A nostalgic dance tune,  is released digitally today. The song is taken from the innovative album-making project Work in Progress. Watch the video here.

“This one is sort of influenced by 1980s Synth-pop” says Jonathan Dagan, the producer behind J.Viewz “It started as I messed around with an old tape machine in the studio, I got really intrigued by what happens to sound on VHS tapes and cassettes and it sent me right back to my childhood with vivid images of strong afternoon sunlight, vintage hotel lobbies, sunscreen ads, Swedish pornstars, etc, this chilled tune has a strong visual aspect..and you can also smell sunscreen if you close your eyes with it”

NYC-based Director Shelly Carmel (Full video credits below) captured that notion while on vacation in Israel and Barcelona and came back to New-York with her personal take on ‘Salty Air’.

Like many J.Viewz songs – this one also features the talented vocalist Noa Lembersky (who can be recognized as the lead singer of J.Viewz Live and by her performance on one of the previous J.Viewz singles – Smooth Criminal).

Salty Air is the fifth track off the new album/project, WORK IN PROGRESS, which is being released in a ground-breaking fashion suited to fit the ever-changing digital industry landscape.

J.Viewz is ‘filling up’ the next album’s tracklist one song per month. As soon as a track is finished at the studio – it’s being uploaded to the “Work in Progress” website, immediately available for free download for members who get a free pass to all the downloadable content created in the album-making process. including exclusive edits, demo versions, remix stems, etc. At the end of the process members also get the finished CD by mail (or email, for the digital edition).

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