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AAA Music | 20 January 2022

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Erland and the Carnival – The Derby Ram

| On 22, Sep 2010

Erland and The Carnival are quite rapidly becoming known as the face of modern folk (at least in the U.K), and with good reason, too. The Derby Ram, their latest release, is a celebration of the conventions of folk – with an inventive twist. The linear storytelling of the single is a throwback to the kind of narratives found in classic folk and country tracks (Johnny Cash, for example). This is not to say the single feels like recycled material though – in fact quite the opposite. Classic elements of the genre are employed yes, but not clung to dogmatically; in short, they’re not afraid to try new things, a risk that pays off well. The multitude of instruments used adds a certain complexity to the track one imagines wouldn’t be quite so easy to achieve had the classic set up of a lone acoustic guitar been used. A great single, and well worth a listen whether you’re a huge fan of the genre or not.

Author: Katharine Sparks