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AAA Music | 20 January 2022

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Foxy Shazam – Oh Lord

| On 26, Sep 2010

Oh Lord is the latest release from up and coming American group Foxy Shazam, following Unstoppable as the newest single to be taken from their forthcoming self-titled third album. Although only a relatively young band, Foxy Shazam have already managed to establish an extensive fan base – and from the sound of Oh Lord, it’s not hard to see why. The track isn’t quite rock or pop, actually having more in common with a showtune than your typical ‘alternative’ album filler, helped in no small way by the presence of horn player Alex Nauth. Eric Nally’s vocals are the kind of epic you’d probably associate with Queen front man Freddy Mercury: confident and ranged, and above all, unique. The sound itself is suitably theatrical, though luckily rarely (if ever) straying into the melodramatic. The end result sounds like something you might hear from My Chemical Romance circa The Black Parade, only with less angst. The track is somewhat of an acquired taste, and might take some time to grow on you – give it time though, it’s worth it. Those looking for a conventional listen should definitely look elsewhere, as this probably wont appeal to you at all. To everyone else: give it a try.

Author: Katharine Sparks