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AAA Music | 20 January 2022

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Seerauber Jenny – Push It Away/Waste of Time

| On 26, Sep 2010

Seerauber Jenny is the brainchild of Brighton born Fran Barker along with former Mint Royale man Neil Claxton and if anything, it’s definitely interesting. Coming across like an introspective, synthy Arcade Fire, Push It Away pushes a frantically strummed acoustic guitar, Hammond organ that sounds broken and Fran Barker’s unique voice to the fore. It manages to be intimate while sounding full, polished and, dare I say it, quite exciting as well. Waste of Time shows Claxton’s synth pop influences more, building on an electric piano line dispersed with plucked acoustic guitar before blossoming into a gorgeous orchestral climax.

Citing influences like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth is all well and good but Seerauber Jenny sound like no-one else around save Arcade Fire, and that’s still pushing it slightly. This is a brave step for them, and where they go next is a genuinely exciting thought to ponder.

Author: Will Howard