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AAA Music | 5 March 2021

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Daily Archives: 30 September 2010

Selebrities Unveil Album & Single

30 September 2010 |

Equal parts dark enchantment and artful melancholy, Selebrities’ debut EP Ladies Man Effect dances between angular synthpop and New Wave atmospherics.

Dashingly voguish summertime gothic electronic-pop mingles freely with the neon imagination of 1980s New York. Both brooding and … Read More

Performance – Red Brick Heart

30 September 2010 |

The most important thing to note about Performance’s latest effort ‘Red Brick Heart’ is that is a phenomenal record. This is music at its best, music to lose yourself in and music to make you find light at the … Read More

Naive New Beaters – Wallace

30 September 2010 |

It is very rare that I listen to an album and genuinely wonder whether the band is a joke but unfortunately that is the only possible excuse for this album. The opening track to the album ‘L.A. Trumpets’ should … Read More

Counter Culture Launch Party

30 September 2010 |

[cincopa 10775545]

London, 24th September

I arrived at Counter Culture at 7pm on the dot, after firstly wondering around for about 15 minutes trying to find the entrance, after asking several strangers who had no idea, I finally found the … Read More

10 Years of Rock Feedback: Future of the Left, British Sea Power & Pulled Apart by Horses

30 September 2010 |

London, 17th September

It’s been 10 years since a 15-year-old Toby L started Rock Feedback in his bedroom. Since the turn of the millennium it has grown to encompass a televisions series, a live promotions company and Transgressive records.

Tonight … Read More

PETER BRODERICK – watch the live recording of “How They Are” in full here

30 September 2010 |

Peter Broderick’s beguiling mini-album, “How They Are”, was released earlier this month to a number of excellent reviews… All the more impressive for what is essentially a stop-gap release, written in just a few weeks at home, and recorded live … Read More

Introducing Clement Marfo & Frontline

30 September 2010 |

The charismatic Clement Marfo is quickly proving to be one of the hottest new talents to hit the British scene. Clement, has established himself as a truly experimental artist who is unique in his style of lyrical delivery. He … Read More

The Jokers Tour dates Unveiled

30 September 2010 |

The Jokers, who burst out of the starting blocks with their debut ‘The Big Rock And Roll Show’ album in Summer 2009, follow with the release an irresistible brand new single, ‘Jamie Jane’, on October 4th, distributed by … Read More