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AAA Music | 22 September 2020

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Meet Spectrals, the new ‘Italian Pop’

| On 06, Oct 2010

AAAmusic: your websites you indicate your genre as Italian pop, why?

Spectrals: When you do a myspace profile you have to pick a “genre” from a list, I like a lot of Italian singers from the 50’s so I put “Italian Pop”

AAAmusic: You are inspired by 60s, which artists of that period have inspired you?

S: The Ronettes, The Everly Brothers, Jerry Vale, The Monks, The Caravelles, Scott Walker, The Supremes, The Royalettes. I could definately go on forever.

AAAmusic: Some bands are making music inspired by 60s music, do you think it’s a sort of trend or it’s a kind of cyclical return of old styles?

S: I’m not in a position to comment on the music other people are doing.

AAAmusic: When and why did you start to make music?

S: I just had some songs and I wanted to make something off them, I’ve always tried to do that, it’s just these ones came out better, and for whatever reason, people took to them.

AAAmusic: Do you think people was happier in 60s?

S: I’ve no idea.

AAAmusic: You released some cassettes and LP sales are increasing, do you think people are still attached to physical support because digital download is soulless?

S: It’s nice to have something that someone put a bit of thought into isn’t? I think digital has it’s place though, and let’s face it, even if I were against digital, or a whole load of people were against it, it’s happening and it will, I imagine, continue to be a way in which people get their songs out.

AAAmusic: When can we expect your debut album to be released?

S: Early next year.

AAAmusic: You are playing live in a lot of venues, do you think live music is more important than the album releasing?

S: I like doing both, they go hand in hand you know, if I only did one or the other, I’d get sick of it.

AAAmusic: Where do you see yourself in couple of years time?

S: I try not to do this.

Author: Roberta Capuano