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AAA Music | 28 September 2020

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The Thermals video & new album ‘Personal Life’ out November 1st

| On 06, Oct 2010● (#furbyfever!!)

The Thermals are very excited to announce the UK release of their fantastic new album ‘Personal Life’, which comes out through Kill Rock Stars on November 1st 2010. A UK tour will be announced shortly in support of the follow up to last year’s very highly acclaimed ‘Now We Can See’ and split 7” with The Cribs earlier this year.

Lead single from ‘Personal Life’‘I Don’t Believe You’ (“a pretty damn catchy treat of a tune”– Pitchfork) is available online now. The video, starring Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, can be seen here:

Over the course of seven years and four LP’s, The Thermals have tackled a variety of subjects with no small amount of passion and fervor.  Religion, politics, death, these are some heavy themes!  Yet The Thermals have irreverently run roughshod over these topics with excesses of moxie and gusto, the likes of which the post/punk/pop/power/etc. community had never before seen!  Now, for their fifth LP, The Thermals have battled (and perhaps even conquered!) the deepest and darkest of all popular art themes – LOVE.

Not that The Thermals haven’t sung/spoken/screamed about love before.  Every Thermals LP has at least two or three songs that provide a short respite from whatever paranoid chaos is going on to deal with love, and the wide range of emotions it produces and abuses.  But never before haveThe Thermals devoted an entire LP to love, loss, and… lies!  That’s right, you can’t have a little love without a lot of loss and lies.  More than an album strictly about love, Personal Life is about relationships.  It’s about the concept of a connection between two people – making it, breaking it, and faking it.

All in all, Personal Life amounts to the indie-rock equivalent of a brilliant but ultimately doomed love affair.  A beautiful, turbulent experience that will hopefully leave you wiser in the ways of love and life.

The Thermals are Hutch Harris (vocals, guitar), Kathy Foster (bass, vocals) and Westin Glass (drums, vocals).