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AAA Music | 19 January 2020

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Daily Archives: 11 October 2010

Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner

11 October 2010 |


‘Lucky Shiner‘ is the eagerly awaited début album from Essex born ‘Gold Panda’. The eleven track album is an eclectic fusion of psychedelic dance with influences of hip-hop and techno beats.

The opening track to ‘Lucky Shiner’ is ‘You’. … Read More

Tobacco – Fresh Hex

11 October 2010 |

‘Fresh Hex’ by ‘Tobacco‘ is a strangely wonderful track born psychedelic funk pop heaven, emphasised by the feature of Beck, who added his touch of warped lyrics to the blurred melody of sound entitled ‘Fresh Hex’.   

Author: Khadija Pandor

Read More

Frankie Rose and the Outs – Frankie Rose and the Outs

11 October 2010 |

‘Frankie Rose and The Outs’ is the début self titled album from five piece Brooklyn born, ‘Frankie Rose and The Outs‘.

The album begins with a calm echo of synthesised indie pop of the opening track entitled, ‘Hollow Life’. … Read More

Dutch Uncles – Fragrant

11 October 2010 |

‘Fragrant’ is the brand new 2 track single from the Manchester five-piece ‘Dutch Uncles’, it is lovely little piece of futuristic indie pop, the melodies are upbeat and fun. the lyrics are simple and to the point. An all … Read More

Pendulum @ Atlantico

11 October 2010 |

[cincopa AABAdTaFpOFx]

Rome, 28th September

When I knew about a gig of Pendulum in Rome I was very happy, I listened to Immersion (their new album) with great enthusiasm and I would have liked to see them live, so that … Read More

Mitchell Museum – Tiger Heartbeat

11 October 2010 |

‘Tiger Heartbeat’ starts innocuously enough but builds into a little piece of joy guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The wide reaching influences that Mitchell Museum cite are entirely evident here as it is almost impossible to … Read More

I Am Austin – L.A.F.S

11 October 2010 |

I Am Austin’s latest effort ‘L.A.F.S’ is one of those tracks which will probably follow you around indie clubs for a while to come. Somewhere between Death From Above and a stadium rock band, there is something about this … Read More

Virgin Steele – The Black Light Bacchanalia

11 October 2010 |

Virgin Steele are, well, an odd band to consider. Mixing the bombastic elements of metal with a grandiose yet understated element of classical (thus having dynamic variation in their music) they have been kicking about the baroque world of … Read More

Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man

11 October 2010 |

Bad Religion are in their own way, bridging the gap between cult and iconic. Although they are figureheads of the LA punk scene, they haven’t quite reached the elevated status of many of their contemporaries, possibly due to their … Read More