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AAA Music | 10 July 2020

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Stereolab release free download ‘Sun Demon’

| On 11, Oct 2010

Check out the track ‘Sun Demon’ by the iconic band Stereolab; previously having been hailed as one of pop’s most influential ensembles by Spin Magazine, they return with their twelfth album  and is released during the band’s self-imposed hiatus from recording and touring. The album will be released via Stereolab’s own imprint Duophonic UHF Disks.  Over the summer of 2007 Stereolab reconvened at Instant Zero, their studio in Bordeaux to record 32 luminous new songs which would become two distinct albums – 2008’s Chemical Chords and their new release, Not Music.

Over twenty prolific years of qualitatively consistent output, Stereolab have accrued a vast, peerless cache of work, hallmarked by a unique, carefully evolving but instantly recognizable sonic signature. In addition to a dozen glittering LPs, their back catalogue is littered with fan-pleasing gems: limited editions, one-off collaborations, split singles et al. In the process they’ve galvanised an extensive, staunchly loyal international fanbase.