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AAA Music | 1 July 2022

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Meet Mono Stereo, The New Band Set On World Domination

| On 14, Oct 2010

AAAMusic: For our readers who don’t know anything about you, can you tell us a little about the Mono Stereo journey from start to now?

Mono Stereo: We started the band a couple of years ago because we all wanted to be in a band again. We knew each other for quite a while before we started playing together. The  first twelve months we recorded shit loads of songs, got good response from people and played some gigs. After a while we came in contact with Danny Sperling. our manager, and started working on a long term plan with him. So far we have released a four track EP and a single in the US. A new single, gigs and full length album is coming up very soon. That’s a short version of the story so far.

AAAMusic: You have been compared with Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, do you think these are fair comparisons and how would you describe your sound?

Mono Stereo: Yeah, it’s kind of the same genre and we like them . We would describe our music as a wall of sound with a lot of different influences.

AAAMusic: Who do you think has been the biggest musical inspiration to you? And how do you think that has impacted upon the music that you make?

Mono Stereo: It’s very difficult to pick just a few people who have inspired us, since we all listen to a lot of different bands. The main eras we find especially interesting though are the psychedelic period of the late 60’s and the shoegaze that came in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Listening to that kind of music has made us realize that you don’t always have to use a certain formula to write songs. A lot of our songs start off in a one way and then takes off in a very different direction. We find that very exciting.

AAAMusic: You have recently announced some UK tour dates; is touring something that you enjoy and how do you think it differs from the studio setting?

Mono Stereo: This is actually our first real tour together, so you’ll have to ask us again in a few weeks. We’ve played several shows in the UK before, but always in London, so we’ve never been traveling on the road really. Lets see what happens. It will be nice to see a little bit of other cities in Britain. We enjoy playing live a lot but we really love recording too. It usually takes us quite awhile to make the recordings sound just the way we want them to. Playing them live and getting an instant reaction from the audience is a nice contrast to that.

AAAMusic: You are emerging at a time when things are really difficult within the music industry; what do you think makes Mono Stereo stands out from other artists?

Mono Stereo: There is a lot of variation between our songs. We never try to write the same song twice like a lot of other people seem to do. If we are working on an idea that sounds similar to anything we’ve written before we just give up on it. We don’t want to repeat ourselves.

AAAMusic: Are there any artists, current or past, who you would love to collaborate with and why?

Mono Stereo: We are really busy and are not thinking about it at the moment. Maybe one day. There are tons of people that we admire, from the past and now.

AAAMusic: What can we expect from Mono Stereo in the next twelve months?

Mono Stereo: World domination, new recordings and lots of great gigs.

Author: Josie Payne

Mono Stereo – Me and My Machine from Adam Bruneau on Vimeo.