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AAA Music | 13 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 17 October 2010

Groove Armada – White Light

17 October 2010 |

After the acclaimed Black Light and seven moths later, Groove Armada release a new album, White Light. It’s obviously linked to the previous one, in fact as you read the tracklist you find that all the titles belong to … Read More

Our Broken Garden – Golden Sea

17 October 2010 |

Golden Sea is simply a beautiful album. Beautiful vocals, beautiful lyrics, beautiful soundscapes. While some musicians have trouble maintaining a mood throughout the entirety of an album without falling into repetition, Our Broken Garden manage to overcome this issue, … Read More

Grand Central – My Star

17 October 2010 |

If you told the Hannan brothers that we’re not in the 1990s anymore, they could probably react like Hiro Onooda, the Japanese soldier who fought the World War II and surrendered only in 1974 in the Philippine Islands.

This … Read More

The Phantom Band – The Wants

17 October 2010 |

‘The Wants’ is brand new album from ‘The Phantom Band’, full of soft experimental instrumentals and soothing powerful male vocals similar to that of Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro).

The opening track ‘A Glamour’, is soft and soothing but still … Read More

Cloud Nothing – Hey Cool Kid

17 October 2010 |

‘Hey Cool Kid’ is the new Ep from Cleveland’s finest ‘Cloud Nothing. The Ep consists of two tracks; ‘Hey Cool Kid’ and ‘Old Street. The vocals are similar to that of Jon Philpot’s (Bear in Heaven) and are teamed … Read More

Jon Thorne & Danny Thompson – Watching The Well

17 October 2010 |

Cinematic, evocative, dreamlike. I thought I should give you the three adjectives that will inevitably be used in describing ‘Watching The Well’, a classically-influenced instrumental album by Jon Thorne and Danny Thompson. Feeling like the soundtrack to the most … Read More

Fallacies – Searching For Conviction

17 October 2010 |

“Hardcore” is a much-maligned genre, it has to be said. Stemming from a trailblazing pedigree of Fugazi and Minutemen, it has somehow become synonymous with angsty teenagers playing questionable metal very fast. However, from Wolverhampton come Fallacies, with a … Read More

Killer Shrimp – Whatever Sincerely; Tales from the Baltic Wharf

17 October 2010 |

Killer Shrimp is a super jazz band that lurks in the alleys of London but dreams about the streets of New York.

The trumpet of Damon Brown (Specials, Desmond Dekker), the saxophon of Ed Jones (US3, Incognito), plus the … Read More

Chocolate Genius Inc. – Swansongs

17 October 2010 |

It’s very complicate to categorize an artist such as Marc Anthony Thompson, a.k.a. Chocolate Genius Inc., especially after an accurate listening of his fourth album Swansongs.

Here the crude energy of indie rock meets the sensual desires of soul … Read More

Superhumanoids – Urgency

17 October 2010 |

What I particularly like about ‘Cranial Contest’ is that it is undeniably simple and, in honesty, just darn good. The perfect modesty of the first forty seconds bursts into this huge sounding chorus that could have been made even … Read More