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AAA Music | 19 August 2022

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Gazelle Twin welcomes you to her new single Changelings

| On 25, Oct 2010

Very rarely – and all the more striking and mysterious they are for it – an artist comes along who is just that: An artist with a capital ‘A’. Doing something so different and special it’s as if creativity, ideas and – in Gazelle Twin’s case – sheer magic is rising from their every pore and floating into the atmosphere.

For atmosphere is the key word here.  Gazelle Twin’s influences are as far-reaching as the rhythmic wonders of Prince (hence this b-side cover), the Terminator soundtrack, the early choral music of composer Carlo Gesualdo and a mythical creature named Loplop (from whom Gazelle Twin – aka Elizabeth Walling – borrows her astonishing shape shifting image when performing her mesmerising, dreamlike live sets). So with all of this in the melting pot that is Gazelle Twin’s visionary mind, it is of little wonder the music plays out like some surrealist dreamscape – evoking an almost erotic Twin Peaks-esque mood where the listening is simultaneously drawn in by it’s all encompassing otherworldly magnetism and unnerved by a creeping eeriness that’s almost claustrophobic.

Changelings’ with its existential lyrics, dramatic symphonies and dark electronica seems the perfect introduction to Gazelle Twin. The accompanying video is, produced and directed by Gazelle Twin, and featuring an abstract world of shifting storms and changing faces. All adding a chilly, surrealist underbelly to a track already hauntingly beautiful.

‘Changelings’ is released on 8th November on Brighton label SomethingNothing Records. The single’s b-sides come in form of an abstract cover of Prince’s ‘I Wonder U’ and a remix of‘Changelings’ by electro renegade The Enormous Shadow.

Gazelle Twin releases a second single in February, with the debut album ‘The Entire City’ set for release in Spring 2011.

Watch the video for Changelings:

Changelings Official Video by Gazelle Twin from Gazelle Twin on Vimeo.