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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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Sivert Hoyem @ Circolo degli Artisti

| On 04, Nov 2010

[cincopa AwGAVW6PjUMu]

Rome, 26th October

Another night of great music at Circolo degli Artisti in Rome, guest of the night is Sivert Hoyem, former member of Madrugada, now come back to present his last solo album called Moon Landing. I have already listened to some tracks, so I’m excited to find out his vocal qualities in a live set.
Opening act are Sparrow and the workshop, a trio from everywhere (the Irish singer Jill O’Sullivan, Welshman Nick Packer (guitar/bass) and the Scottishman Gregor Donaldson on drums/vocals) which is touring to promote their critical acclaimed album “Crystal Fall “. Their music is remarkable, Jill sings with a clean and powerful vocals, half folk, half Dolores ‘O Riordan, indeed folk is their biggest inspiration but they melt it with country, and a touch of grunge. Their best quality is that they can play like they were six, Jill sings and plays the guitar very well, Nick and Gregor support her with choirs besides playing the bass and drums, also their sound is concentrated like they represented three sides of a pyramid. Their set included songs like The gun (a love song, in Jill’s words) and I will break you, dedicated to the Roman traffic, live arrangements are set to close tunes with intense instrumental parts.
When Sivert Hoyem got hold the stage time stopped. He’s got a hypnotic power given by his deep, sensual, snug-like-an-embrace voice, his presence is so strong that he can perform alone and nobody would miss other musicians, even if they are really good. Sivert started alone singing Prisoner of the road, a heartbreaking spiritual sung and played with zeal, like a pray. The audience, composed by fans of Madrugada, was quiet and worshipping, indeed it was a shocking kick off. On Into he sea he was joined by his band, to perform a brilliant country rock, every piece oh them gave life to the song adding something personal, I really appreciated the guitarist who made a brilliant solo in the end.
I want to underline that also the set contributed to create an intimate atmosphere, it was made of blue and red lights, it was as simple as effective, a very good choice.
The show went on with the showcase of Moon Landing, Sivert performed marvellously High Society (I loved the organ on the background) , What You Doin’ With Him? (one the purest rock tunes with a riff reminding The Rolling Stones), Lost at Sea (very elegant, he showed the class of David Bowie), and Going for Gold before paying tribute to his old band. He asked people if they want to listen to some songs by Madrugada and they screamed “yes” with enthusiasm, so he satisfied them playing Honey Bee. It was very moving, for the first minute it was performed only with voice and the two guitars, then drums and bass slipped softly into the tune. He went on singing Majesty, people sang along and the atmosphere was incredible. He gave people also The kids are on high street and The hour of the wolf .
In the middle Northwind, Shadows/High Meseta and Long Slow Distance made the tension fall before a long and spectacular encore.
It was opened by Belorado, one of my fav tunes, the audience go excited and an optimistic atmosphere invaded the venue. Moon Landing seems a song by Springsteen and it shows that Sivert well know the lesson of folk rock. Johnny and Don’t pass me by closed an unforgettable show, I’ll dream Sivert’s voice for a long while.

Author: Roberta Capuano

Photos: Simone Cecchetti