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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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DJ Tom Middleton launches ‘BPM’ with Mr Jones Watches – OUT NOW

| On 03, Dec 2010



The Mr Jones Watches brand is defined by the innovative and exciting designs that experiment with the idea of time keeping. The range thinks of watches as portable artworks as well as practical devices. Created by a DJ for DJs, Tom Middleton’s BPM watch is released this week, and has incorporated his experience into this design. A 15 second moving animation aides calculating the BPM of a piece of music whilst a key on the caseback shows the BPM for various genres. Luminous hands mean that the time can be seen in the darkest environment, with white leather strap and white stitching to finish a simple effective design.

bpm time lapse from Mr Jones on Vimeo.

Cornwall’s Electronic Music Pioneer Tom Middleton has been recording, remixing, performing, curating and compiling for over 2 decades. With a vast discography of albums, singles, remixes and compilations to his credit along with countless unique and memorable performances that are still celebrated to this day.

Initially mentored by Aphex Twin during the birth of Acid House, Middleton moved to Somerset and formed the critically acclaimed Ambient Electronic outfit Global Communication with Mark Pritchard in the early 90’s and went on to produce music under the monikers Jedi Knights with Mark, then solo as Amba and Cosmos into the early 00’s.

“The nocturnal world of international DJing is all about keeping time. As well as knowing which time zone you’re in and when to catch the next flight, a top DJ should to be aware of the speed of each piece of music in his library… I thought it would be useful for DJ’s to have a simple graphic solution to calculating BPM’s built in to the watch itself. And for easy reading at night in DJ booths, an overall white colour scheme and luminous inks on the hands was the obvious choice, which also makes a bold fashion statement!”

This Autumn the brand launched the ‘Masters of Time’ collection. The range of five iconic pieces is the result of a series of collaborations with influential individuals – an author, an artist, a comedian, a sportsman and a DJ. Each watch designed to represent the persona of its designer whilst maintaining the brand’s unique style. General info on the range here.

“The watch today is a defunct tool – we all have a mobile phone to check the time on, but the watch endures because it expresses something of our personality. Whilst many watches are a symbol of material wealth, Mr Jones Watches are concerned with ideas.”

Crispin Jones, founder Mr Jones Watches

Each watch in the Master of Time collection is available as part of a signed, numbered edition of 100 pieces and is priced at £145. The Masters of Time series is available exclusively from the Mr Jones Watches website.

For more information on the range, the brand or its collaborators contact

David Silverman or Katie Hunter (press) or Johnny Beverton (online) at Outpost Media or call 020 7684 5634