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AAA Music | 14 June 2021

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Ghostcat – Everybody On The Dancefloor

| On 09, Dec 2010

Just in time for raucous New Year’s dancefloors across the country, sleazy dance-rock-tronica duo Ghostcat are releasing their latest single, ‘Everybody On The Dancefloor’. Featuring a suitably manic and tongue-in-cheek video of the nights before and the mornings after, this is a real blast of good-time glitz wrapped in black sequins and dangerous stiletto heels.

The overdriven synths are gritty, texturally thick enough to build a club on top of, and used to make pop hooks and euphoric choruses to snag even the most reluctant wallflower, and the disco cowbell marching pulse is a great slice of cheesy pleasure that offsets the electro beats. Top this off with some excellent driving female vocals reminiscent of Beth Ditto with extra purr and yowl, and you have a track to grab people and reel them in before the first verse is over.

‘Everybody On The Dancefloor’ isn’t an invitation, but a sultry and undeniable command call to strut your stuff. Catchy, scuzzy and above all fun, Ghostcat have well and truly arrived and they will soundtrack your night out.

Author: Katie H-Halinski