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AAA Music | 10 July 2020

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Late Night Tales – Cinematic Orchestra Exclusive Mix & Groove Armada/Jamiroquai/Belle & Sebastian Editions

| On 14, Dec 2010

Groove Armada/Jamiroquai/Belle & Sebastian Editions Available Digitally For The First Time + Cinematic Orchestra mix

As Late Night Tales prepares to announce exciting new editions for its 10th anniversary in 2011, three of the most memorable from the 23 title strong series have been remastered and made available digitally for the first time.

Alongside this, Jason Swinscoe aka The Cinematic Orchestra spent 2 years working on his Late Night Tales album, which went through transitions and variations over time. For a very limited time Late Night Tales are giving away an early version of the mix featuring many tracks that didnt make the final version for free, mixed and edited perfectly – sit back and enjoy.

Groove Armada
In their second shot at coining the perfect LNT mix, Groove Armada’s milestone 20th edition is much more than just a collection of songs. Many of the tracks have been painstakingly reedited and re-sequenced to create a seamless mix that flows smoothly despite the eclectic selection.
“High quality grooves” – Resident Advisor

The all star, funk fueled Jamiroquai edition was originally released way back in 2003 and fast became one of the biggest selling titles in the series. A fluid journey through the twilight hours, its an excellent insight into Jamiroquai’s musical inspirations.
“The Rolls Royce of compilations” – GQ

Belle & Sebastian
Never tied to any scene in the first place, Belle & Sebastian seem to have developed as a band that can draw influences from just about anywhere. Pure pop, ‘60s psyche, ‘70s rock, West Coast harmonies, beat groups, folk balladeering, punk, indie, girl groups and bossanova are just a few of the slants to crop up within the Belles’ own work and on their fresh, varied and effortlessly hip take on Late Night Tales.
“Pure genius” – NME

About The Series
The Late Night Tales series was established way back with Fila Brazilia mixing up the first of what would continue to be the choice of music connoisseurs worldwide.

The idea was to let the world’s best artists delve deep into their collections to create the ultimate late night collection.

Since its conception, we’ve seen the likes of Groove Armada, The Flaming Lips, Four Tet, Belle & Sebastian, Air and many more step up to produce their own individual take on the concept.

The series continues to dazzle with albums from Snow Patrol, Arctic Monkeys, Cinematic Orchestra, Nouvelle Vague and Fatboy Slim, all exploring vastly different styles but all delivering a perfect musical package.

Not only is it a collection of the artist’s favourite tracks and inspirations, there’s also a special, and exclusive might we add, cover version included. This is the chance for our compilers to tackle a hidden gem or pay tribute to an idol by creating something totally new and exciting.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, each mix is put to sleep with a special Late Night spoken word story, taking in the likes of David Shrigley, Bootsy Collins, Brian Blessed and more recently Will Self.