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AAA Music | 20 August 2019

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Various Artists – The Art of the 12″

| On 22, Dec 2010

From the original house of 12″ excess, Zang Tuum Tumb, Trevor Horn and his Robot Orchestra present 150 minutes of rarities, vanities and mysteries. A celebration of the extended remix, for the footsteps and heartbeats of the connoisseur.

Recent compilations like 12″/80s and Ministry of Sound’s Electronic 80s have reissued some of the best 12″ singles of the era, many of which were products and offshoots of ZTT and Horn’s infamous in-house ‘THeam’. But there’s one thing they’re all missing: the full-on, authentic Zang Tumb Tuum 12″ers. The true Art of the 12″. In this brand new compilation, ZTT pulls together a host of classic, rare and previously unreleased, historically mesmerising extended mixes, including – among others:

Previously only available on vinyl…: Art of Noise: Close (to the Edit) (Closely Closely Enough’s Enough) 00:07:10 808 State: Pacific 909 (Mellow Birds Mega Edit) 00:07:05 Glenn Gregory & Claudia Brucken: When Your Heart Runs Out of Time (6’20”) 00:06:20

Previously only available on import…: Anne Pigalle: Souvenir d’Un Paris (Mix Aguicheur) 00:07:14 808 State: Cübik (Kings County Perspective) 00:06:00 Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Relax (Sex Mix Edit) 00:08:15

Previously unreleased…: Instinct: Sleepwalking (12″ Extended Mix) 00:09:36 Nasty Rox Inc.: 10th Wonder (12″ Mix) 00:07:02 Propaganda: Dr Mabuse (12″ Master Mix for Germany) 00:06:13 Art & Act: Life’s a Barrel of Laughs (Out of This World mix) 00:08:05

…So much previous we couldn’t miss them out: Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Rage Hard (The Young Person’s Guide to the 12″ Mix) 00:12:07 Art of Noise: Moments in Love (Beaten) 00:06:58 Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Two Tribes (Hibakush-ah!) 00:06:59

This 2CD set is also peppered with a host of mini, hidden tracks. Because a remix doesn’t necessarily always have to be an extended remix. Where there’s high technology, there can be nanotechnology. Like the extract from a previously unreleased piano interpretation of Act’s Laughter, just to give us pause for breath amidst the selection of GIANT opening tracks. Or the Bonus Bird Beats from 808 State’s Pacific and various others hidden away too: the one minute Yins to the 10 minute Yang’s of the spotlight tracks.