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AAA Music | 19 April 2018

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Ones To Watch 2011: Minks

| On 02, Jan 2011

Reverb is becoming a must in the Brooklyn area. After MGMT, Yeasayer and The Drums, now Minks adopted this stuff to give their vocals a retro sound. It’s hard to rival other bands to be the best of their area and I think Minks are not still strong enough to compete with the three I mentioned before. Brooklyn is a very prolific place in this period, with a particular taste for electronic experimentations but Minks are suspended in midair between the chance to become a pop group or become an electro group. They need to put the finishing touches to their sound that appears a bit confused; instruments are thick like their voices. There’s a clear recall to the post punk period, reference point for a lot of bands, the sad thing is that we are passed from a happy age to post revolution, but we are still waiting for a new 1968, we have become disenchanted and music reflect this feeling recovering the melancholic atmospheres of Cure, New Order and so on.

Minks are not an exception so they need to find something peculiar that will differentiate them from other bands, there’s a good raw material, so I’m sure they could become stars in 2011.

Author: Roberta Capuano