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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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Daily Archives: 9 January 2011


9 January 2011 |

The Safety Machine is exactly what every ambient album should be: a truly gorgeous collection of songs ranging from the sublime and surreal to the mundane and understated. Each and every track is evocative, meticulously composed by Alex MonkRead More

Val-d’Isère – Val-d’Isère EP

9 January 2011 |

Electro-centric duo Val-d’Isére’s first furtive exposure to the pressures of the music business is to be found in a quietly melodic, almost genre-defying EP that couples both modern wizardry with a healthy grasp of experimentation and vocal talent. Sean … Read More

Fujiya & Miyagi – Yoyo

9 January 2011 |

Yoyo‘ is the first single to be released from the Brighton hailed band ‘Fujiya & Miyagi’ fourth album ‘Ventriloquizzing’.

The first track of this two track single is the namesake track ‘Yoyo’, an electro influenced, classic rock inspired indie … Read More

Gangrene – Gutter Water

9 January 2011 |

Well, I’d say that so far, my introduction to hip-hop through this journalism deal has been rather enlightening, with some great artists like Shad coming into my awareness. However, ‘Gutter Water’, the new album by tuff-guy hip-hop collaboration GangreneRead More