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AAA Music | 27 May 2019

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Unsigned Artist Marli Harwood Made Radio 2 Single Of The Week After Giving Up Music

| On 24, Jan 2011

Marli’s Choice: Fame or Family?

Unsigned Artist Marli Harwood Made
Radio 2 Single Of The Week After Giving Up Music

Her First Break In 16 Years

London, Monday 24 Jan 2011: Unsigned artist Marli Harwood got the surprise of her life last week when she found out that her song ‘It’s Called A Heart’ has been made Radio 2 Single of the Week, ironically, just six months after giving up her lifelong dream of pop stardom to start a family. Not only is this her big break after 16 years of false starts, but it is thought this is the first time in Radio 2 history that an artist without a record deal has been awarded the ‘Single of the Week’ accolade.

The song ‘It’s Called A Heart’ was a track on an album that was completed over a year ago, in November 2009, but was never released due to the recession impacting on the music industry.

This was one blow too many for Marli whose musical rollercoaster began in 1995 when she was signed by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. During the recording of her debut album, Blackwell decided to sell Island Records, the home of Bob Marley and U2.  Marli’s album was never released.  In 1999 she recorded an album in the US for Richard Branson’s V2 label. The album was shelved.  In 2002, her hopes were raised when she entered reality tv’s Fame Academy and despite being voted out in round 5, secured a record deal with Sony Music.  Once again the album was never released, but during the recording, she met the love of her life, producer Michael Harwood.  A subsequent deal was done with an independent label and true to form, a fourth album never saw the light of day.

In 2009, newlywed Marli signed to a small record label and recorded her fifth album, which included ‘It’s Called A Heart’. As she geared up for its launch in June 2010, she was notified that the album was on hold indefinitely. This was one disaster too many for Marli and she decided that enough was enough, the pop crown would never be hers.  Since then, Marli has earned a living from voice coaching and temping and was shocked when her former manager contacted her to say he thought they should try again with the album. Marli, having already made her career decision said “Release it without me, I don’t want to be involved”.

Yesterday, Marli said “I’m just so overwhelmed and grateful to Radio 2.  I’ve recorded over 100 songs and never heard one of them on the radio, it will be such a thrill when I do.  But I’m three months pregnant and my head’s in a different space now, I just don’t think I can go through the stress and commitment that the promo trail entails”.

‘It’s Called A Heart’ was bought to the attention of Radio 2 in January 2011 and Jeff Smith, Head of Music at the station promptly made it ‘Single of the Week’.

‘It’s Called A Heart’ will be released on 21 February 2011.