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AAA Music | 13 August 2020

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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl – Mayan Ancestral Music: Healing Music for Mother Earth

28 February 2011 |

The latest in what Xavier Quijas Yxayotl has to offer the world, ‘Mayan Ancestral Music: Healing Music for Mother Earth’ is like taking a journey back to an ancient world long since forgotten by time. The album features the … Read More

Two Spot Gobi – Guiding Star

28 February 2011 |

Two Spot Gobi’s new single Guiding Star edges onto the scene with a gentle air of persuasion stirred through the mellifluously evocative track.

The track has an immediately fresh sound as it opens with a fast-moving, rhythmic cello part … Read More

Lauren Pritchard – Stuck

28 February 2011 |

This week I was reacquainted with the smooth tones of American singer Lauren Pritchard who has produced a captivatingly sensuous sound with her latest release Stuck.

The ballad is saturated in the characteristically soulful vibe that we have come … Read More

Different Frequencies – Littlehampton

28 February 2011 |

Different Frequencies are an intriguing prospect. A collaboration, of sorts, between a DJ/producer – Rob Watson – and a singer/musician – Benjamin McCourt, this band are received ample support from radio DJs Rob Da Bank, Zane Lowe and Annie … Read More

Sam Kills Two – Pretty Ugly

28 February 2011 |

A glass of red wine and a shimmer of a tear threads a melancholic homeward bound theme through these thirteen tracks of clouds Stills and Nash.  The album as a whole is in reality a careful canoodling and hushed … Read More

Andy Whittle – Reflections of an Illusion

28 February 2011 |

Dispelling the relentlessly upbeat folksiness country musicians sometimes seem prone to, Reflections of an Illusion actually falls much closer to the folk end of the spectrum. I’m probably biased but this was definitely the right move to make – … Read More

Exlovers – Blowing Kisses

28 February 2011 |

Two tracks on offer here – Blowing Kisses and Motheaten Memories. Well, two in theory; in practice, there’s really very little difference between them at all. This isn’t entirely a bad thing – the sound is likeable enough: fast-paced … Read More

Sandra Piller – Days Like These

28 February 2011 |

Covering familiar ground – the space between country and folk – Days Like This is pretty standard stuff. A blend of melancholy love ballads, relentlessly upbeat, folksy meditations and fast-paced rock n roll dance tracks, this record does it … Read More

Underground Railroad – Russian Doll

28 February 2011 |

London-based French trio Underground Railroad introduce to next album ‘White Night Stand, with first single ‘Russian Doll’.

As singer Raphael Mura explains, ‘Russian Doll’ is about hate and attraction. Raphael used to give French tuition to a Russian aristocrat’s … Read More

Nostalgia 77 – Simmerdown

28 February 2011 |

Waiting for long-awaited fourth studio album ‘The Sleepwalking Society’, Ben Lamdin, aka Nostalgia 77, provides a taste of his class and skills with new single ‘Simmerdown’.

Forget the hip-hop beats and electronic atmospheres of his past works, ‘Simmersdown’ is … Read More