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AAA Music | 14 August 2022

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AAA Music meets Teddy Thompson

| On 25, Feb 2011

AAA Music had a good chat with Teddy Thomspon, read what he said:

AAAMusic: Let’s start from the album title: why did you chose the word Bella, which is not a track featured on the album?

Teddy Thompson: The album is pretty much about my lovely ex girlfriend, who’s name is Bella. It also means beautiful of course in Italian. Beauty was something I was looking for in the arrangements all through.

AAAMusic: Your music falls into the rock category, your music is enriched with violins arrangements – is there a specific reason why?

TT: The songs just seemed to require strings. David Kahne, the producer, and I talked a lot about references for them . Lots of Jackie DeShannon and Roy Orbison.

AAAMusic:Would you like to record with a full orchestra? What kind of music would you compose?

TT: Absolutely! I’m hampered by the fact that I don’t read music so that means I need a collaborator. I imagine I would try to do something like the later Buddy Holly records. True Love Ways is one of my all time favorite records.

AAAMusic: This album is extremely romantic, does it mirror your personality?

TT: Well it sounds romantic but lyrically I am very cynical. So that juxtaposition probably does mirror my personality.

AAAMusic: Press releases picture you as a modern times Romeo, and yet your ideal girlfriend should drink and smoke. Which ones of the two portraits is closer to the truth?

TT: Oh I’m no Romeo! I suppose like most men, I look for all the wrong things in a partner. I think I want somebody fun and outgoing and naughty but that’s not really what I need.

AAAMusic: In what does this album differs from the previous ones?

TT: I think it’s more thought out. Better arranged. We also tried very hard to make the vocals the most important part. Build everything else around that.

AAAMusic: How was it to work with David Khane (Paul McCartney, Regina Spektor, The Strokes)?

TT: It was interesting. His method is very different to anyone else I have worked with. Sometimes we had disagreements but overall I think he did an outstanding job. Especially on the string arrangements.

AAAMusic: You are an Englishman grown up in New York. Would you come back and live in UK?

TT: Yes, I think so. But I’d have to be able to come back to NY a lot. I love it so much.

AAAMusic: Your parents are both famous artists – what relationship do you have with them?

TT: Mostly that of a son and parents. There’s not a huge amount of musical back and forth. We let each other get on with our day jobs so to speak.

AAAMusic: Will you tour Europe to promote the album? If yes, whereabouts will you play?

TT: I’m just finishing a UK tour. Later in the spring I will be back here and there will be some European dates later in the year.