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AAA Music | 5 April 2020

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Love Amongst Ruin – Alone

| On 28, Feb 2011

Love Amongst Ruin released their third single from their stunning eponymous album. After the powerful So Sad and the dark Home, the band chose Alone.

The video is absolutely shocking, half-The ring and half-The Shining, it well represents the sense of loneliness and confusion pervading a human soul, when a demon follows it and doesn’t leave it in peace.

The guitar tapestry at the very start of the tune seems a tribute to Foo Fighters, but the verse comes back to darker territories enriched by Heweitt’s voice filtered with a megaphone, which sounds absolutely ultra-sexy, I really love this man! The refrain is hypnotic with only one sentence repeated continuously, while the verse is almost recited.

The  bridge made of piano and synths together with female choirs  contributes to make the atmosphere more unsettling. The ending made with only a guitar arpeggio is a precious final touch.

Alone is the definitive reason to buy the album if you haven’t done it yet.

Author: Roberta Capuano