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AAA Music | 29 September 2020

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Two Spot Gobi – Guiding Star

| On 28, Feb 2011

Two Spot Gobi’s new single Guiding Star edges onto the scene with a gentle air of persuasion stirred through the mellifluously evocative track.

The track has an immediately fresh sound as it opens with a fast-moving, rhythmic cello part that moves erratically below the calm and seemingly effortless vocals. The song is fantastically structured as it successfully builds the atmosphere with the cello part driving the song creating a busy, harmonious sound that eventually dissolves into solo vocals accompanied by a melodic bass line. The impressive instrumental structure of the track allows the band to get away with the comparatively weak vocals.

This is a well-structured track that convincingly presents an honesty and poignancy that builds-up effectively throughout the song. However, the song is affecting only as long as it is playing; the moment dies with the tune.

A good release that could be improved if the band used their existing skills to develop a sound evoking feelings beyond the track itself.
Author: Alice Cuddy