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AAA Music | 5 July 2022

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Faerie in the Cloudz EP Launch

| On 13, Mar 2011

91- 93 Great Eastern Street
Tel:     0207 613 4228

Restaurant open 6pm

7pm, live music from at 8.15pm


The long awaited EP from Fae Simon and Jonas McCloud, ‘Faerie in the Cloudz’, is finally complete and as a precursor to it being released via online download, it will be available for purchase on CD at the live launch at London’s prestigious live music/crazed boutique/Brazilian restaurant, Favela Chic.

This unique collaboration is an experimental journey of the alter egos of Jonas McCloud aka CloudFistConceptz; embarking on a new adventure with Fae Simon, Jazz singer/songwriter aka the AfroFaerie.

This 6 track EP is a reflection of the artists’ making their way into the UK’s music industry, where they’ll have the chance journey beyond the realms of Earth’s density, out into the unknown and back again.

Having previously released collaborations with Zayna Daze: ‘Cloudy Daze’ EP’s volumes 1, 2, & 3; as well as ‘Let’s Make Tracks’ with Paula Varjack in 2010, Jonas McCloud is definitely making strides this year with a collaboration in progress with Sun of Selah ‘Hookless’ and the completion, launch and release of ‘Faerie in the Cloudz’.

This new material has been hugely awaited from Fae Simon, after the release of her debut album, ‘Mellowdrama’. Since then, Fae has been touring Europe with Yarah Bravo on her ‘Good Girls Rarely Make History’ tour, as well as gigging throughout the UK promoting ‘Mellowdrama’ and working on her second album due to be released by the end of the year.

The launch of ‘Faerie in the Cloudz’ promises to be a dynamic night of jazz, hiphop and dubstep fusion; where CloudFistConceptz and the AfroFaerie will be performing the tracks with a full live band, hosted by Sun of Selah with DJ’s MaxJohnny Rebel (Morpheus Soul Show) and 3Zee1 (Sub FM) featuring guest artists;Shuanise (, UK MC Micall Parknsun ( and Lyrikal, the Morpheus Soul Show’s resident lyricist .