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AAA Music | 13 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 28 March 2011

Nicole Atkins – Mondo Amore

28 March 2011 |

Nicole Atkins has lungs to rival Florence Welch – and, given her voice is pretty much what carries the entire album, it’s pretty vital that she does. This is not to say there’s anything wrong with the ‘backing’ music … Read More

Thomas Dolby – Oceanea EP

28 March 2011 |

Oceanea is one of those EP’s that should probably have only been a released as a single. The titular track is okay if not particularly memorable – a potentially interesting mix of ambience, jazz and vague folk sits pretty … Read More

Toy Horses – Interrupt

28 March 2011 |

Where has Aqualung gone? The UK charts are bare of any weepy, sleepy piano-led soft-rock, a la The Beatles ballads of yester-century. Aqualung used to be able to provide this hit, particularly when he added the baroque elements – … Read More

Bad For Lazarus – 25

28 March 2011 |

The new EP from Bad For Lazarus – simply entitled ‘25’ – is intriguing. Not solely because of its remarkable musical content, but because its general concept contains quite a surprising and fairly unique promotional angle. The central idea … Read More

AAA@Archangel April LIVE Listings

28 March 2011 |

AAA@Archangel is a bar/restaurant and live music venue, promising High Street Kensington quality tunes minus the mission to London’s east side. A capacity of 200 and a ridiculous turbo sound system allow west London to revel in worthy mayhem ranging from rock and … Read More

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart album out now

28 March 2011 |

On the heels of their debut eponymous album, released in 2009, Brooklyn quartet The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have rightfully earned themselves a reputation as masters of the peerless pop song, crafting tender, melancholy gems which shimmered and sighed … Read More

Lucky Soul – Upon Hilly Fields

28 March 2011 |

Upon Hilly Fields’ is the confident new EP from Lucky Soul. It has a quintessential Bluesy Summer Pop sound that even the most wintery of people cannot help but swing their head to. There is an incessant happiness that … Read More

Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight – The Days That Shaped Me

28 March 2011 |

The Days That Shaped Me’ is the debut album from Marry Waterson and Oliver Knight. Where to start? This is evening music – something that you would put on after a long day at work. ‘The Days That Shaped … Read More

Statues – Auction

28 March 2011 |

Standing on the brink of the mellifluous opening of Auction’s new tune it is difficult to know what to expect; thankfully the band don’t give you time to settle yourself in for an unimaginative trip as you are violently … Read More

Ben Hall – Ben Hall!

28 March 2011 |

Through Tompkins Square comes yet another brilliant musician Ben Hall with his debut ‘Ben Hall!‘.

The Oklona, Mississippi artist’s record is a great exhibition of some real southern American guitar playing likened to that of Merle Travis. Ben Hall … Read More