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AAA Music | 20 November 2019

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Chthonic @ The Underworld

| On 04, Apr 2011

[cincopa AALAWh6GrGzG]

London, 18th March

Shrapnel are a standard thrash band and have a few good riffs but don’t really deliver a memorable set just a good way to pass 30 mins not like…
Evile who are trash by numbers never sounded so dull, they have a lot of fans here tonight. The music is not even heavy it just sounds like a dull thud for a start the bill is totally mismatched but it’s not this the shows Evile that they shouldn’t even be playing tonight but the lack of heart and talent this band should have just given up.

Chthonic you can notice tonight the lack of their normal costumes but this does not but any dent on a set that is faultless, Chthonic are one of the best Black Metal bands around mixing their Taiwanese influences
with classic metal riffs, they might have the hottest bassist in metal these days which some fans are quite happily here to see but their music speaks for itself and the new songs are no doubt some considerable well practiced pieces of art, I think this band will just get bigger and bigger!!!

Author & Photos: Daniel Cairns