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AAA Music | 23 January 2020

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Jesca Hoop – Snowglobe

| On 04, Apr 2011

‘Snowglobe’ is the final self- release from Jesca Hoop following her signing to Vanguard and it does much more than simply fill the gap before she is exposed to a larger audience. There is grit to the tracks here; a harder edge than Hoop fans might be used to although it is buried within layers of melancholy. However, the only issue for Hoop is that there is very little on ‘Snowglobe’  that could be considered radio friendly; don’t let this put you off as it is in fact a compliment about the beautiful stripped back nature of this effort.

The title track is without question the best track on this effort; combining Celtic influence with a sparse accompaniment and rich lyrical content ‘Snowglobe’ is full of focal points and dynamic plays with tempo that pulls together incredibly well. Hoop reminds me of a combination of the sombre aspects of Ani DiFranco and the playful characteristics of Regina Spektor and nowhere is this more prevalent than acapella closer ‘Storms Make Grey The Sea.’ Whatever happens in her journey to the top, let’s just hope she remains faithful to her roots and continues to make music like this for a long time.

Author: Josie Payne