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AAA Music | 25 May 2020

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Mirrorkicks – Breathe without this EP

| On 04, Apr 2011

Mirrorkicks released an EP one year after the success of their debut eponymous album. ‘Breathe without this’ contains four catchy songs based on heavy use of distorted guitars following the 90s grunge tradition and particularly inspired by Jane’s Addiction music.

They are darkest compared to songs like Podium, more melancholic and aggressive at the same time. Especially Anil sings with a velvet voice, but there’s a veil of frustration in his performance, like a hidden suffering.

An unusual thing is that they use the word “Sorry” too much, Pin cushion heart, a song that inevitably remind me something of one of the most famous Tina Turner’s song, ends in this way and it is the most repeated word in This will be never a home, whose strong point is Anil’s vocals and dynamic drums that give it a train pace. Maybe their new darkness and the need to apologize are linked to life experiences, and I can say that they were absolutely good for their music growth.

Tearing your heart out is very essential, a guitar repeating the same note for almost a minute, only to accompany the singer when suddenly the tune opens in a liberating cry. It reminds me Depeche Mode somehow, but it’s something unconscious, I can’t explain why, but I really like it.

The bass line is heavily distorted creating a beautiful contrast with the clear guitar making the solo and a perfect couple with the other one.

The last song, Choose without this, is a ballad desperately sung, the heartbreaking Anil’s voice is sustained again by an only clear guitar, to be followed after the first minute by an opening worthy of U2.

A year has been enough to change their sound making it darkest and less 80s. Anil’s singing skills have grown up together with the songwriting, there still are some imperfections, for example in following tempo, but their quality is definitely increased, I’m sure the second album will be a very good work.

Author: Roberta Capuano