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AAA Music | 3 July 2020

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Daily Archives: 4 April 2011


4 April 2011 |

A 4-piece band hailing from Birmingham and all-round purveyors of thoroughly catchy pop music, Poppy & The Jezebels are here to put some power back into pop! From Mollie, Amber, Poppy and Dom: “Four best friends who gravitated towards … Read More

Ambershift – Russian Doll

4 April 2011 |

Everything about Ambershift seems to fit in with the sort of music you’d associate with the Q television channel and Radio One.  From their name to the music they’ve produced for their first single Russian Doll, the band appear … Read More

Neon Choir – Animal

4 April 2011 |

It’s always worrying when you get a CD that says choir.  Luckily instead of some hymns about 3 wise men and a camel I got Neon Choir, a band with an eclectic mix of styles that seem to vary … Read More

My Ceramic Rabbit – Sexa Word

4 April 2011 |

When you first hear My Ceramic Rabbit you’re left quite impressed; the band’s sound of ‘rock n roll, pop ‘n soul’ is pretty unique in modern music and you can hear a plethora of different influences almost instantly.  The … Read More

Mazes – Most Days

4 April 2011 |

‘Most Days’ is the brand new single from London based band ‘Mazes‘.

Just under three minutes long, the two track single encapsulates ‘Mazes’ upbeat indie pop sound, both bouncy and catchy with a heavy classic rock/pop influence, giving the … Read More

Ella Chi – Gobstopper

4 April 2011 |

Gobstopper‘ is the new single from up-and-coming artist ‘Ella Chi’ and it is absolutely amazing!

From the first drop of the beat you are instantly hooked, then caught with Ella’s absolutely stunning vocals, which you can not help but … Read More

Big Deal – Talk/Locked Up

4 April 2011 |

‘Talk/Locked Up’ is the new second single from London based duo ‘Big Deal’ and a lovely display of their unique style and take on the music world of today.

Combining gentle female vocals with harmonised rough male vocals, whilst … Read More

Balkans – Edita V

4 April 2011 |

‘Edita V’ is the new two track single from American Indie Rock band ‘Balkans‘. Just under six minutes long, it introduces us into the slightly edgy side of Indie Rock as conveyed by the ‘Balkans’, through there use of … Read More

South Central – Society Of The Spectacle

4 April 2011 |

Straight out of Brighton electronica Duo South Central are here with the upcoming album ‘Society Of The Spectacle‘ due for release on the 4th of April through Egregore Records.

Providing a mixture of distorted synth, heavy basslines, propulsive melodies … Read More

Asa – Beautiful Imperfection

4 April 2011 |

Within the first few seconds of the opening track ‘Why Can’t We’ I was instantly hooked by the upbeat almost ska like tempo of the guitar and then the vocals kicked in and wow!

The Lagos artist Asa‘s singing … Read More