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AAA Music | 11 August 2022

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Official Video For Paper Crows – ‘Fingertips’

| On 11, Apr 2011

Here is the final edit of the official Paper Crows video in all of it’s glory!

It is directed by the incredibly talented Luca De Salvia and here’s what he had to say about it:

The song is about surrender to the greatness of nature, I dramatised  this concept by doing a short film before the video that would induce a climax where connecting with nature becomes a liberating experience, juxtaposed with feelings of fear, claustrophobia and paranoia.

Being locked in an apartment and then escaping to the great outdoors are a metaphor for a journey from dark to light.

Fear is a very powerful trigger of human response. The media feeds it in order to ensure that critical numbers of readership or viewers are maintained and politicians use to maintain or increase popularity.
Stories about, violence, recession, immigration, climate change and pollution dominate our headlines daily, the video is a response to that.