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AAA Music | 3 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 11 April 2011

Gagarin (Pere Ubu / Sons Of Arqa / Low Bias Feat Mark Beazly Of Rothko) Announces The Launch Of Yuri Gagarin – 3KA-3 VIRTUAL 7″

11 April 2011 |

On 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to undertake a succesful journey in space. He orbitted the Earth in his Vostock 1 spacecraft – code 3KA-3 for 108 minutes. Taking his his name for his solo music … Read More

Thursday stream whole new album online

11 April 2011 |





UK tour dates:

April-19 – London, UK @ Kings College

April-20 – Manchester, … Read More

Caligula present AZARI & III (LIVE)

11 April 2011 |

Caligula present AZARI & III (LIVE)

Friday 8th April

Secret East London Venue

10pm – 6am

Robert Outch Luca C …Bi-Bop (ReviveHER / Cool In The Pool) Fat Passion (MudLove) & more TBC


SECRET … Read More

Calais – Don’t Panic

11 April 2011 |

O.K., so we’ve heard it all before, that mild mannered indie pop that cautiously treads the periphery of attempts to be ‘credible’ and aspirations to appeal to the masses. Hearing news of another band clinging to … Read More

Kontakte – We Move Through Negative Spaces

11 April 2011 |

Interesting gets a lot of bad press these days. Interesting is “dull”, interesting is “pretentious”, interesting is what happens when a previously promising rock n roll band listens to Kid A a few too many times and … Read More

Howard James Kenny – Shelter Songs

11 April 2011 |

Worcester-born Howard James Kenny finally drops his debut album ‘Shelter Songs’ – a sonically rich folk record, laced with post-rock experimentalism. Who is Howard James Kenny? A singer-songwriter packing the standard pop folk weapons: melancholic acoustic picking and vocal … Read More

Adam Ant for Hard Rock Calling 2011 plus many more

11 April 2011 |

Hard Rock International and Live Nation confirmed today that Adam Ant & The Good, The Mad And The Lovely Posse, Rumer, Mike + The Mechanics, The Lighthouse Family and Barenaked Ladies will play Hard Rock Calling in London’s Hyde ParkRead More

Hauschka – Salon Des Amateurs

11 April 2011 |

Not long after the critically acclaimed album ‘Foreign Landscapes’, Volker Beltermann, aka Hauschka, comes back with a new full-length, ‘Salon des Amateurs’, another brilliant step of the German authors towards the greatest artists in contemporary classic.

Urban backgrounds and … Read More

Agnes Obel – Philharmonics

11 April 2011 |

Philharmonics is the debut album release of Berlin based, Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel. Although Philharmonics has been available since the 7th of February 2011, PIAS Recordings have released a deluxe version of the album including five additional tracks which … Read More

Ulver – February MMX

11 April 2011 |

Ulver commit what I consider a huge sin on ‘February MMX’, in that there is such a lack of creativity and originality on this song that it is a pretty boring four minutes in total.

February MMX’ is in … Read More