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AAA Music | 5 August 2020

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The Low Suns // Never Gonna Care // 30th May 2011

| On 19, Apr 2011

Never Gonna Care ( + Doorly Dub Remix )
Release Date May 30 2011

Never Gonna Care is the debut single from The Low Suns, a five piece currently penning soulfully cinematic songs from their hand-made studio in London.

Returning from L.A. heartbroken in the wake of a studio-killing forest fire, childhood friends Ali and James met esoteric singer and folk heartthrob Jack Berkeley in ‘The Barley Mow’ pub in London. Jack had put out a single with the ‘Young and Lost Club’ but had since quickly fallen out of acting college, and out of love with both his lady and the folk scene in London.

Influenced by Jeff Buckley, The Flaming Lips, 1940s Gospel and sci-fi soundtracks they started making an ambitious patchwork of orchestral riffs, with lyrics that reek of English romance, sung to IMAX sized melodies from the heart and soul.

It is ambitious music. A music made without irony, for both for the bedrooms of now and the stadiums of the future. And this time they’re even making it in a fire-proof studio…

The Low Suns are unleashing themselves on the world like a horny supernova.

Brace yourselves…