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AAA Music | 11 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 25 April 2011

Harlot – Empty Words

25 April 2011 |

It’s incredible to know that Harlot are only 16, if you hear James Mclackland’s vocals you will think that he’s 30 at least, because his voice is deep and rough like an old rocker, he makes me think of … Read More

The Keys – Bitten By Wolves

25 April 2011 |

They Keys’ debut album ‘Bitten By Wolves’ has a clear identity, evoking the essence of classic bands  such as The Charlatans and The Coral , they have managed to conquer both the acoustic and amplified sounds of nineties guitar … Read More

Dark Dark Dark – Wild Go

25 April 2011 |

‘Wild Go’ is the brand new second album from Minneapolis based chamber folk sextet ‘Dark Dark Dark‘.

Coming to a beginning with the absolutely beautiful ‘In Your Dreams’, I was swept to a dimension of picturesque beauty through the … Read More

My Panda Shall Fly – Sorry I Took So Long

25 April 2011 |

‘Sorry I Took So Long’ is the début EP from Sri-Lankan born London audio visual artist Suren Seneviratn aka ‘My Panda Shall Fly’.

Kicking off with the beautiful electronic soul/bass track ‘Injury’, instantly displaying ‘My Panda Shall Fly’ wonderful … Read More

True Widow – As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth

25 April 2011 |

It’s hard to categorize what True Widow really are.  Dubbed ‘General Alternative’ by the astoundingly informative iTunes, the bands LP As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth is a dark, … Read More


25 April 2011 |

Ok, I strongly doubt I’ll be the first to ask this question but I think it deserves asking. What in the name of shittington blimey is up with slick, post-hardcore minded bands coming from South Wales? There’s been a … Read More

Wolf – Legions Of Bastards

25 April 2011 |

With a band name like Wolf, and an album title like ‘Legions Of Bastards’, it really is hard to imagine a greater level of heavy metal without edging into territory of Spinal Tap. And Wolf are head, shoulders and … Read More

Substatic – Gold

25 April 2011 |

“Gold” is one of those tracks that you hear once and automatically know that it could soundtrack your summer. It is infectious from the very first beat and features one of the best breakdowns that you will hear this … Read More

Sleepingdog – With Our Heads In The Clouds And Our Hearts In The Fields

25 April 2011 |

We interrupt your undoubtedly sugar-filled holiday today to bring you Sleepingdog’s equally sweet yet much less sickly album, the lengthily-titled ‘With Our Heads In The Clouds And Our Hearts In The Fields’. This alone is an indicator of the … Read More

Alessi’s Ark – Time Travel

25 April 2011 |

Enfant prodige of folk-pop, Alessi Laurent-Marke, aka Alessi’s Ark, reveals to the public her second album, Time Travel.

21 years old, well, not yet, Alessi provides 12 sketches of romantic and melancholic pop (only the s/t Time Travel lasts … Read More