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AAA Music | 27 February 2020

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Harlot – Empty Words

| On 25, Apr 2011

It’s incredible to know that Harlot are only 16, if you hear James Mclackland’s vocals you will think that he’s 30 at least, because his voice is deep and rough like an old rocker, he makes me think of Vince Neil or Matt Tuck. All their music sound like an old rock band indeed, they are clearly inspired by 80s hard rock bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine and Guns ‘n’ Roses, they take a heavy heritage and reread it in a noughties style. Empty Words, Harlot’s debut single, is a triumph of guitars, first the tune starts with a sweet arpeggio accompanied by a solo with that typical 80s sound, then drums set a fast-paced rhythm padded by those two guitars. The structure is very classic, a continuous back and forth between slow and fast tempo that gives the tune a vintage charm.

Harlot are becoming very popular in Newcastle, their hometown and now they’re trying to conquer the UK. Their first single is a good introduction to their music and personality, they can be appreciated by 80s lovers and I suggest to reinvent their style making the noughties mark stronger in order to get the appreciation of rock lovers in general.