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AAA Music | 27 September 2020

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Various Artists – Brew // DTTR Split 10″

| On 30, Apr 2011

Released as part of Record Store Day, as well as to mark that wedding everyone keeps banging on about, this EP is a split offering from Leeds label Brew and Yorkshire label Dance To The Radio (DTTR) – showcasing four of their alternative rock/metal acts.

Opening the EP is Dolphins’ ‘Escape’ – a two-minute musical mixture of doom metal and hardcore punk. Sludgy riffs blend into stabbing riffs and pained shouts. Next is the post-hardcore of Blacklisters, with their confusingly named ‘Clubfoot by Kasabian’ – the dynamic, stop-start riffing and the panicky, screamed vocals recall Glassjaw. A pretty decent offering, only problem is letlive. are doing this sort of screamo much better at the moment, and Blacklisters will need to add some distinguishing features to their musical output.

The third track is by Castrovala and is entitled ‘Senorita,’ perhaps the most interesting tune available on this EP – it’s certainly the most insane offering. Think Hadouken’s electro-laced grindie meets the arty, mathcore of The Blood Brothers – where spoken raps bleed into high-pitched yelps and screams. Exhilarating stuff. The closing song is by Hawk Eyes, probably the biggest act featured here, with their first release since changing their name from Chickenhawk. ‘Yes, Have Some’ is the most accomplished track of the four, and they may even end up living up to all their hype. Sharps riffs are fronted by a piercing guitar-lead, the vocals are varied and include the most memorable melody, and the mid-section breakdown is inspired.

A worthwhile release by two very cool indie-labels – these labels and artists deserve your support. Check out this Brew/DTTR split EP for sure.

Author: Clive Rozario