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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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Daily Archives: 8 May 2011

In Flames – Deliver Us

8 May 2011 |

Swedish metal legends In Flames (one of the perennial darling t-shirt bands of the warlock brigade) are going digital. Fear not, this doesn’t mean they’ve gone Europop on us. Simply that these titans of ten-tonne riffing have decided to release … Read More

Speed Of Darkness – Flogging Molly

8 May 2011 |

Flogging Molly: within their 14-odd years, they’re one of the iconic pillars of the Celtic punk scene. Not the watery folk-punk we’ve seen a rise in recently, we’re talking the full sweat, blood and booze deal, with fiddle parts that … Read More

Personal Space Invaders – Tough Times

8 May 2011 |

Let it be know, dear reader, that I’m nothing if not dedicated to the noble cause of enforcing my opinion on something as intrinsically subjective as pop music on those fortunate enough to come across this great site. Because for … Read More

Our Lost Infantry – I Love You, Sandra Bilson (The Last Dance)

8 May 2011 |

‘I Love You Sandra Bilson (The Last Dance)’ is the new single from Alternative Indie Aldershot five piece Our Lost Infantry and is due for release on the 6th of May 2011. The first few moments of the track are … Read More

Kitsune Maison Compilation 11 – The Indie-Dance Issue

8 May 2011 |

It took eleven chapters for Kitsune Maison to finally find a tracklist that could encapsulate Parisian label’s true nature. As Gildas Loaec explains, “We’re perceived as a club label when really we’ve always been between ‘club’ and ‘indie’, and this … Read More

Tyson – Out Of My Mind

8 May 2011 |

“People forgot how to be stars… I’m trying to bring back authentic analogue music that sounds real. I wanted to make something horrible and very, very nasty, so when people heard it they would say ‘urgh’ but in a good … Read More

Mother Mother – Eureka

8 May 2011 |

Fresh from a couple of gigs at Texas’ SXSW festival, Canadian 5 piece Mother Mother return to the indie rock world with their third release Eureka.  The band fail to deviate from their former indie-rock sound, expanding on … Read More

The Strange Death of Liberal England – Come on You Young Philosophers

8 May 2011 |

It’s quite a hard job to categorize what The Strange Death of Liberal England are trying to achieve with their new single.  The band’s sound can simply be dubbed as ‘happy’ more than anything; they don’t really fall into any … Read More

Owen Franklin – Portrait of the young man as an artist

8 May 2011 |

It’s unfortunate that it’s actually the single itself that ends up letting this record down. The ‘knowingly clever’ title is let down by similarly flawed, rambling lyrics, and an overall messy sound. Lack of structure only works when it sounds … Read More

Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Help Stamp Out Loneliness

8 May 2011 |

‘Help Stamp Out Loneliness’ is the brand new self-titled début album from Manchurian krautrock inspired pop sextet ‘Help Stamp Out Loneliness.’

Opening with the beautiful ‘Cottonopolis + Promises’ which instantly displays the bands unique but relate-able sound. Followed by the … Read More