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AAA Music | 31 May 2020

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Daily Archives: 15 May 2011

Ladytron release new single and announce album tracklist

15 May 2011 |

In anticipation of their upcoming, 12-track studio album Gravity The Seducer (September 12th), Ladytron have released lead single “White Elephant.” The track is an album flagship – infectious pop beats married faithfully to vintage analogue while experimenting with orchestral instrumentation.

Additionally, the band … Read More

Bachelorette – Bachelorette

15 May 2011 |

Bachelorette return with the third, self-titled album, proving once again their legacy within the psychedelic pop genre. Surreal atmospheres are the main theme of the album, as well as confirming that, despite her love for the US, Alpers still … Read More

Barbara Panther – Barbara Panther

15 May 2011 |

Produced by Matthew Herber, Barbara Panther self titled debut album is an incredible piece of energetic work, focused on “roots” and which helps solve the complicated puzzle which is her life. Electronic music meets baroque in what seems to … Read More

TD Lind – Outskirts of Prosper

15 May 2011 |

The “Outskirts of Prosper” is a rather lovely listen that will put a smile on your face from the first note and maintain it until its last. It manages to be relaxed at the same time as incredibly heartfelt … Read More

Frank Turner – Peggy Sang The Blues

15 May 2011 |

I can see the headlines now. “Hardcore Frank Turner fan thinks that his new single is the best thing since sliced sex!” but when you think about it, being a hardcore fan actually makes one even more qualified to … Read More

Limozine – Deep Friend Love

15 May 2011 |

London-based four-piece Limozine are sleeeeeazy. They have already released two albums of well-received, gritty rock’n’roll – containing both the punk-rock simplicity of the Ramones and the all-out aggression of Motorhead.

Limozine’s new single ‘Deep Friend Love’ – along with … Read More

Scarlett Etienne – Figurine

15 May 2011 |

Is it fair for one person to be perfect in every way he or she desires? Scarlett Etienne is perfection personified: so beautiful that she’s a fashion model (constantly dressed up by designer Matthew Williamson), so business savvy that … Read More

The Chemistry Set – Impossible Love

15 May 2011 |

“Impossible Love” is the soaring, ethereal, groovy new single by The Chemistry Set. I would say based on the title, that this is a love song but honestly I don’t have a clue because “Impossible love” is one of … Read More

TD Lind – Push Over Boy Blues

15 May 2011 |

Pushover Boy Blues is the first single from ‘The Outskirts of Prosper’ the forthcoming album by TD Lind. This is a mid-paced track with elements of jazz, blues and swing. Pushover Boy Blues is well written and convincingly … Read More

Two Spot Gobi – The Sun Will Rise

15 May 2011 |

Ladies, gentlemen, and members of the jury. We can officially announce the arrival of summer. Not only is yours truly wearing just the one t-shirt, but Two Spot Gobi have provided us with one of the early risers in … Read More