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AAA Music | 31 May 2020

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Daily Archives: 22 May 2011

SMOD – Ca Chante

22 May 2011 |

‘Ca Chante’ is the first single to be taken from Malian rap trio ‘SMOD‘ début album which is to be released later this month. The single consists of two tracks ‘Brano 02’ and ‘Ca Chante’. Each song is beautifully … Read More

David Stevenson – Believe Me

22 May 2011 |

‘Believe Me’ is the new release from up-and-coming folk rock/indie artist ‘David Stevenson’.

Just over three minutes long, the beautiful acoustic track calms your heart and soul with Stevenson’s gentle vocals and relate-able lyrics paving the way throughout, structured together … Read More

Various Cruelties – Neon Truth

22 May 2011 |

Various Cruelties single Neon Truth will definitely be one of the songs of this year’s festival season: shoegazy retro rock topped with great soul vocals are all you need this season. Various Cruelties has not failed to catch the … Read More

Curxes – Creatures

22 May 2011 |

Curxes (pronounced “Curses”) is a new duo from Brighton who revisit 80s sonorites largely using synthesizers, but I can tell they blink at the darkest part of that period, taking some cues from projects like Yazoo, borrowing sounds and … Read More

All Mankind – Break The Spell

22 May 2011 |

With a potent dose of anthemic pop-rock, All Mankind’s new single release marks them as a band with great potential. Break the Spell begins with a frail sound; a keyboard rift followed by vocals initially supported only by percussion. … Read More

The Low Suns – Never Gonna Care

22 May 2011 |

‘Never Gonna Care’ is a hugely ambitious track, filled with the amount of reverb that makes it sound like it was recorded in a stadium rather than a studio.

The Low Suns produce a huge, almost cinematic wall of … Read More

Towns – Fields

22 May 2011 |

Having only played their first ever gig in February 2011, Towns are not wasting any time and release their fist single “Fields” on the 23rd of May.

This is a mid-tempo dreamy sounding alternative rock song that asks the … Read More

Mike Gatto – Too Old To Club

22 May 2011 |

“Too Old To Club” the title track from Mike Gatto’s up and coming album discusses nightclub culture that is ever obsessed with youth, making anyone over 21 feel like perhaps they don’t have any right to be clubbing at … Read More

Johann Johannsson – The Miners Hymns

22 May 2011 |

Bill Morrison’s ‘Miners Hymns’ film celebrates social, cultural, and political aspects of the extinct mining industry in North East England, linked with the strong regional tradition of colliery brass bands. Focusing on the Durham mines, Morrison’s film is structured … Read More

ATMOSPHERE – New album ‘The Family Sign’ released June 20th – Video for ‘Just For Show’

22 May 2011 |

In the three years since Atmosphere last dropped a full length record on the world, they’ve been far from stagnant, staying at the top of their game in every respect. For the better part of two years, Atmosphere toured the globe … Read More